Top 4 Digital Marketing Job Titles for Fresher

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Top 4 Digital Marketing Job Titles for Fresher


Digital marketing is booming and is becoming important aspects of business marketing agency.

Finding a digital marketing job is one of the most immediate ways for tech newcomers to begin working in the industry.

That is mostly because you can become familiar with a lot of  skills you need to get a fresher job once you are actually on the job.

In this article, I will separate precisely what it  exactly means to be a digital marketer and what types of digital marketing jobs are available to you if you are a fresher.

Where to Find Digital Marketing Jobs for Fresher ?

Here is the list of 6 job portal sites where you can find Digital Marketer Jobs for Fresher - 

1. Naukri
2. Monster
3. Job Vacancy Result
4. Indeed
5. Freshersworld
6. Shine

But, What is Digital Marketing and how it is different from traditional marketing ? Let’s find out in this article.

Marketing implies selling or promoting a product, brand or service. Digital marketing is  almost similar to that that, yet on a digital device, like a PC  or smartphone.

When you work in digital marketing, rather than depending  on subway ads or billboards, you pull in and hold clients utilizing emails, blog entries,  messages, Internet ads, and many more.

Digital marketing is not really online, since radio, television, and phone marketing technically include a digital device as well.

Considering everything, in this article, we are focusing on digital marketing that happens using the Internet and that tech organizations are likely to recruit you to do.

The Best Digital Marketing Jobs for Fresher are - 

So, what are the best digital marketing jobs for fresher or someone just wants to start out?

Here is the list  of the some common jobs you will  springing up on job boards that are available for new comers in the industry:


Somebody with a job title of Digital Marketer is typically a digital marketing generalist. Very often, you are going to find this job role at a smaller startup, or possibly at an organization that is simply starting to build a marketing group.

You are required need to be able to switch gears rapidly and  and settle on every day choices about the most ideal approach to invest  your time.

Depending on your company, you could do everything from composing email newsletters to proposing associations with supporters to overseeing paid advertisements. 

Average  salary of a Digital Marketer is  ₹541700 P.A


Content marketing jobs tend to draw attention of  writers and editors, but there is more to it other than that. Content marketers, also called Content Strategists, typically emphasis on the top of the funnel  or inbound marketing.

The goal of a content strategist is to attract new inbound clients and acquire new leads or in other words, get their email addresses.

Content advertisers regularly do this with content like blog entries, downloadable whitepapers or digital books, and media content like video recordings and infographics.

Content marketers are skilled at writing and editing, and may likewise should be knowledgeable in SEO . 

The Average  salary of a Content  Marketer is ₹458884


Most importantly, What actually is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization, implies setting up your sites in such a way that makes it simple for individuals to find you when they look for your business or related terms.  

SEO specialists  or experts should  know how to conduct keyword research and  transform what they find into a SEO strategy.

They should be comfortable using tracking tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console, which they'll be working with every day. 

The Average salary of a  SEO Specialist or Expert is ₹241509


Social media managers do much more than checking Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. In this job, you will set a strategy for developing and engaging a social media following, usually across various platforms. You will work closely with designers, content designers, and ad managers to share and promote content that that pulls in new clients and enables clients to trust and possibly get fixated on a brand .

The Average  salary of a Social Media Manager is  ₹5,13,688

Apart from those, there are plenty of remote or work-from-home digital marketing jobs available now-a-days. And for the skills you need to have before applying? We are here to help you.


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