Jobs in Mumbai - In Demand Job Sectors in India's Best Cities

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Jobs in Mumbai - In Demand Job Sectors in India's Best Cities


Mumbai is one of the best cities in India to live in and career-wise also. It has plenty of opportunities.

Mumbai, formerly Bombay, city, capital of Maharashtra state, southwestern India

The time in Mumbai always keeps on changing but the only things that stay constant are the hard work and determination of people towards their career.

There are a lot of jobs in Mumbai like digital marketing (SMM, PPC, SEO, Analytics), graphic designing, networking, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) jobs.

Getting a job in a city like Mumbai could be pretty challenging since the level of competition is quite high.

However, if you have the right skill set then it should be a piece of cake for you.

There are a lot of jobs in Mumbai offering a number of positions.

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Some of the most in-demand job sectors in Mumbai are-

Financial Sector -

There are a lot of jobs in Mumbai in the financial sector. Mumbai is also known as the financial capital of India. No doubt there would be plenty of jobs in Mumbai in this particular sector.

Media and Entertainment-

There is a line-up of jobs in Mumbai in this industry such as photography, cinematography, scriptwriting, acting, dancing, make-up artist, among others.

Mumbai has a lot of opportunities in this particular segment.

Manufacturing sector - 

This sector holds a number of jobs in Mumbai. A lot of major companies have their plants set up in Mumbai.

IT sector

There are a lot of IT jobs in Mumbai. Various multinational companies like Dell, HP, IBM, Accenture, JP Morgan Chase, and more have established their centers in Mumbai.

Therefore, it could be said that there are indeed a lot of jobs in Mumbai.

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However, when applying for a job there are certain points that one should keep in mind.

Some of them are-


The applicant should make an attractive and strong resume while applying for a job.

The resume should mention his past experiences and the domain in which he specializes.

For example, if the applicant specializes in Digital Marketing he should mention all his skills related to that niche like he could mention Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Advertising, E-mail Marketing, Content Marketing, Mobile Marketing, etc. There are plenty of skills in this field.


Personality Development Skills

The applicant should have a decent and strong personality. It goes a long way. Some personality development skills for freshers related to fresher could be communication skills.

It is the most underrated factor. It is extremely crucial to have strong communication skills.

If the applicant’s resume gets selected and he gets shortlisted for the interview.

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Interview Tips

Follows some handy and useful tips to crack the interview easily like Always do your homework well before walking into an interview.

For example, the business may be operating in providing services like consultancy services, digital marketing services, or maybe any other services.

Salary Negotiation

Also if you get selected for the job try to avoid basic mistakes during salary negotiation like focusing only on your side of the argument.

You need to listen to what the employer has to say because that’s how a mature conversation takes place these days.

You need to be patient enough during this process.                            

For getting a job in Mumbai there are a number of ways, once could either go for walk-in drive help by large corporations from time to time.

Another way is to apply through online portal websites.

People are often confused between job portal websites and job recruiter agency. Both of them are different terms form one another.

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A job portal website is one that provides regular updates regarding various jobs from various companies such as big4.

They allow you to go through different job boards, different career sites.

Research carefully and find what suits you better whereas a job recruiter agency finds suitable candidates for an employer.

One can use both job portal as well as recruiter agency as per their preference. It totally depends on them.

However, it might be said that both of them are quite efficient and effective when it comes to getting a job.

Here you’ll definitely be able to bag your dream job provided you have the necessary skillset and relevant experience for it.

Within a short span of time in Mumbai there will be a lot of job opportunities and is one of the best places to work in India.





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