Importance of Resume in Getting hired by a Recruiter

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Importance of Resume in Getting hired by a Recruiter


This article contains the information about importance of Resume and Getting hired by a Recruiter

Importance of Resume

# What is a Resume & Why do you need a resume?

Resume is very important in getting hired by a recruiter. As your resume tells about you, about your past background, past experience, hobbies etc. Resume must be very attractive and must impressed the recruiter.

# Grabs the attention of employers

Resume should in simple format and not very complicated as simple things are more clear and are more understood. Resume has its own weightage and importance in getting hired. Many companies started their process of hiring by doing resume screening and if get shortlisted than you will be going for next round.

# Why Is a Resume Important & Why do employers care about your resume?

This shows how important is resume making and in a way that can impress by recruiters. As recruiters will see how much work you have done , your work experience, your capability, whether you are suitable for this organization, whether you will be able to give your best to this company .

Steps of Resume Making

First step of resume screening tell recruiters about your work experience and your background, qualifications etc and next can be interview, aptitude, Group discussions etc depend on the company and their profile in which they will judge you in terms of communication, confidence, technical skills , soft skills etc.

# A resume outlines your relevant skills and experience

Resume first include your Name , address , any profile link  and a phot of yours on the top then comes the experience part tell about your work experience at different companies you have done along with its profile with the key areas you have performed there. From that recruiter will come to know what kind of work you have done.

Then you can tell the other projects or internships you have done in your post graduation or graduation time or an internship during your drop out etc along with the years and months mention in that. The covers the part of achievements that if you have that something award winning whether in school time, graduation, post graduation or some social work towards society etc as nowadays company also kooks for the candidate if he has done some welfare to the society this also add a value to you of getting hired .i.e. a plus point .

# How are resumes used?

Add you skills in the resume in which part you are good at and what kind of skills you have that can apply it in professional life and through that you can add value to the organization. Recruiters always looks for the candidate who can an asset to the company and have that capability to adjust in the company environment and workplace culture and maintain a good relationship with other people as team work is very important in an organization to grow.

Next comes the part your interest , write your interest that what you do in your free time like playing any sport, blogging, painting, social work etc depends on your interest which also tell recruiters what kind of person you are and from that also recruiters can ask questions to check whether you are really active in your interest or you really mean it or do it like any basket ball sports player, where do you write blogs, how much times in a day , on what topic , how many words maximum etc, what kind of social work you do , till now here you have done this , is that create a change there and all kinds of questions you should prepare before telling your interest.

Preparation for the Interview | Top Resume Tips

What you have mention in your resume you must be prepared about it and can tell in interview because from that recruiters will ask questions and also prepare about strength and weakness before giving an interview as they asked it for sure to more about you and please try to give a professional strength and weakness.


Sometimes questions arise tell me about yourself which is not mention in the resume or where do you see your self after 5 years so try to give these answers related to the profile and company that give a greater edge in getting hired.  

There are various jobs available in bangalore , Mumbai and other top companies who looks your resume first and then conduct next steps so resume plays a very important part in getting shortlisted and getting hired.

Therefore, Resume is important to enter in a corporate world and resume must be very clear and in a systematic format which can be easily understand.



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