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Digital Marketing is booming and has become widespread and if you want to get into digital marketing then you need to know facts & stats of it too as it is equally important.

Digital Marketing is a part of marketing that uses internet and online form digital technologies such as mobile phones, desktop computers and other digital media and stages to encourage products and services.

As digital platforms became progressively absorbed into marketing schemes and  day-to-day life, and as people progressively use digital device rather of  have visiting shops, digital marketing campaigns have become widespread, recruiting blend of Search engine optimization (SEO), Search engine marketing (SEM), Content management, Influencer marketing, Content automation, campaign marketing, data-driven marketing, e-commerce marketing, social media marketing, social media optimization, email marketing. 

There are more additional than 4.9 billion internet freaks, 1.4 billion sites, and 3.2 billion facebook freaks in the universe and still counting.

So do you know that whatever you do on the internet, from window-shopping websites to signing up for a letter, each and every search and your click, every single view gets documented in a parameter which is completely after Google Analytics or any webmaster in the marketplace? Want to know more facts & Stats of Digital Marketing?

So let’s get back to the topic facts and stats about digital marketing, let’s perceive some of the interesting things one must know about the Internet.

Facts & Stats about Digital Marketing

1. Exploring Vs Obtaining Behaviour 

According to statistics, 80% of the individuals in the US are utilizing the internet consistently. Out of these 97% utilize it to explore products that they ultimately buy. 

2. Email Optimization Significance

It is evaluated that above 60% of emails are now  opened on a cell phone which means that email optimization for cell phones is required. 

3. Internet Junkie on Social Media

It is described that above 70% of internet freaks are available on at least one social media platform, which means that a majority of users can actually be outreached via social media. 

4. Social Media Importance

Observations and research conducted by specialists in Social Media Marketing, like Hubspot and Social Media tester, discloses some fulfilling details about the online marketing. Outcome disclosed that about 90% of the marketers said that social media is necessary for their professions. 

5. Social Media Marketer Social Media Consumption

68% of online marketers are utilizing social media for nearly 7 hours or more than 41% for 11 or more hours in a week. 

6. Mobile freaks stats

According to the details from Google’s ‘The Mobile Playbook’, 95% of users utilize smart phones for regional details online. Builded on the same detail, 53% of those users visited the shop which they found online. 

7. Search Engine

Search engines are the effective way through which the most of the internet traffic runs and finds its landing place. Constructed on the details, Google.com is a more visited website. Throughout 80% of explorers being performed via this search engine singly. And that is just google singly. So if a site is not performing well in its relationships with the search engines, then it is accurately losing out the most of the traffic found on the internet. 

8. Number of searches on Google

The total number of searches on Google per sec is more than 45,000. There are 145 trillion guided sheets and this figure is continuously increasing. This shows how the dependence and supremacy of search engine action above other internet actions is increasing. 

9.  Google grasps 79% of Questions

Google clench the tallest market part of all the desktop searches, with above 80% go after by Bing (9.9%) and Yahoo (8.45%). For mobile searches, Google’s division is ever higher, with above 90%. In an observation performed with SEO industry heads, 95% of the members shared that the subject tag was the great place to place keywords in sequence to follow giant ranking on search engines but the new algorithm has changed all the things. 

10. Top 1000 Keywords are not sufficient

The peak 100 and even the peak 1000 keywords literally account for not that huge a percentage of search traffic. That directly means that even if you could somehow or other control the peak 1000 keywords on search engines, you would be losing out on about 93% of the entire search traffic in play. 

11. Dissimilar Outcome for Mobile

With about 50% of the internet’s traffic arising from mobiles, Google honors websites, which are planned to answer to the user’s gadget and load themselves accordingly. 

12. Google Algorithm changes

Google has been creating changes to its algorithm transforms more than 200+ times on an average. There have been a lot of observations and investigations performed in order to decide the search engine market share, and the numbers do vary in dissimilar details.

Nevertheless, the only thing they had in common is Google’s authority above all the other search engines.  

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