How to find Jobs, If you are a FRESHERS!

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How to find Jobs, If you are a FRESHERS!


How to find a good job, if you are a fresher or having less experience. How to connect with good people or recruitment agency. How to create social networking.

Job for Freshers

To find any job is not an easy task. It does not matter whether you are experienced or fresher.

However, it's little easier to get a job if you have experience than a fresher.

Freshers are just like a clean slate or whiteboard. They have only impressions which were taught in school.

This helps the organization to mould them the way they want. So that they fit in the requirements of any company. 

Before applying for any job you need to update your skills. And should ready for "QUESTIONS THAT EVERY STUDENT HAS TO PREPARE FOR AN INTERVIEW" For finding any jobs you have to follow some instructions.

To understand market trends about job

Freshers is the candidate who is new to the corporate world and has no prior experience. Having a freshers has advantages and disadvantages both depending on your profile and company you are applying etc.

Experience person has more advantage in comparison of  a fresher, as an experience knows how things happen in corporate world and having a prior experience it add vale to the Resume and recruiter also search for the candidate who knows how corporate works.

In Corporate world you theory knowledge turns into practical knowledge or you implement theory part into practical things and as an experienced he knows how and where to implement his practical knowledge. There are various jobs vacancy available for an experience person like jobs in Delhi, jobs in Mumbai and other top companies in big developed cities, where there is an opportunity to grow and develop your self with various challenges.

Freshers has a bigger challenge of getting hire if your competitor is an experienced person, as recruiter will look forward for the candidate who has an experience rather than a candidate who is new to the corporate world but an experienced person start from a fresher also.

Fresher Advantage

Fresher has some different innovative ideas and can fit into any model but an experienced person has already adjust himself in that model and is not flexible but a fresher is flexible and will change himself according to the company environment as work culture or relationship also plays an important role in corporate world.

A Candidate with a good personality has a greater chance of getting hire as personality plays an important role in getting hire as recruiter search for the candidate who develop its personality according to the corporate world and have confidence in himself. They first need to develop its personality along with its soft skills and brush up technical skills according to the profile and company requirement and prepare for interview accordingly it will help a lot in future growth and learning.


So a fresher before going for an interview do some preparation for it and remember some tips while preparing for an interview. Many questions asked in an interview like tell me about yourself, where you will see yourself in five years  etc so a fresher must prepare all its answers before the interview so that they know how to answer and when whereas experienced person knows all about these questions and they know how to relate their answers.

Must prepare all its answers with a valid examples and a reason so that they come to know that your answers are not manupilated but having a solid reason behind it and this is also a way to impress a recruiter. So whatever you mention in interview you must have a proof behind it this will stand you different from other candidates.

There are various things which a fresher must see in his first job, main thing is learning as first initial stage an employee must learn as much as he can because that learning will be a great experience for future growth.

Understand the market

First of all, you have to understand the market according to your skills. Then you can able search your opportunity according to Job by location.

You should apply to all big as well as small companies. After that don't forget to followup. I understand it is not easy. You have to be patient and have to do hard work.

Unique Resume

One thing you need to understand your CV/Resume should be unique. Don't just do copy-paste in any templates. Just remember there will be no one like you. So highlight your strengths, your skills, your technical knowledge and your education. There are some points that you need to be careful when you make your resume.

  1. Choose a good template and keep it simple.
  2. Don't describe so much. Nowadays ONE-page resume is in the market.
  3. Highlight your strengths and your positive points.
  4. If you have done any Projects or any Internship during your study, please highlight it.
  5. Choose the correct and proper Keyword. So that Application Tracking System can pick your resume.
  6. At last, don't forget to proofread. Check once all grammar and spellings in your resume.

Where and How to Apply

This is the very most important and tricky question. Where to apply and How to apply.

If you are not clear in this part then you can not successfully post your resume and can not get a good job.

Here is some point of view that you can keep in your mind while applying for a job.

# Selection of a Good Job portal website

help in providing job opportunity

Now after preparing your resume, you are ready to apply for a job.

You need to search for a good agency or any company, who is providing a good opportunity according to your skills, knowledge, education etc.

Some good agency charges some amount for this also. But you need to be sure that they are genuine.

Some good companies are like Naukri, Monster, Indeed, Job Vacancy Result.

There are various job portals available on internet which gives notifications about different job vacancies in different companies with different profiles.

You just have to upload your all information on it and update it if you have done any thing like upgrade your skills some courses, any project or some other thing which will add value to the company and impress the recruiters  .

job portal

A fresher has to much aware about it as they don't have prior knowledge of these thing so they must update their profiles in all good and well reputed job portals it will really help them and in future also if they want to change their job or shift their job then these job portals are best for your knowledge and your awareness.

Therefore, A fresher candidate has to prepare more for the corporate world rather than an experienced person and must have confidence in them this is what recruiters see for as training will be provided to them , they will be trained according to company requirement and job description but first a candidate must have some amount of knowledge with a good confidence.

# Company Career page

Company Career page for hiring

The most and very effective way of applying for any job is to post your resume on your favourite company's career page.

You can directly post your resume on the website of the company. This will show your interest in the company and will give a positive impression of yours.

Here you can contact the HR directly and also you can email your resume directly to the concerned person.

# Social Media Networking

social media helps to make network

Nowadays it is very important to be active on digital media. In India, most of the working or professional people are socially active.

So you can connect with them and use their connections to build your networking. This will help you to get filtered and genuine jobs. Accordingly, you can apply for suitable jobs.

If you don't have any social media account you can use LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to open an account. But do remember if you reply or comment to apply for the job, please do it in a professional manner.

# Referrals are the Best Source           

Referral is the best source of finding job

The best and trusted source to get the job is Referrals. If you have good contacts in your network, they can refer or recommend you for an open position in their company.

So many companies offer referral benefits as well. This could be a win-win situation for you.

So first prepare and filter your contact list and connect with them. It could be through phone calls or any network.

# Walk-in-Interview

Walk-in Interview

As we know, many companies are taking walk-in-interviews.

You can take this opportunity and can visit the place as per the given time slot for an interview. Walk-in is the best source of screening the person and for the first time introduction.

You can prepare yourself and can present yourself as a good candidate or source for the company. For this, you don't need any prior appointment, which is good.


Many of the people have the right potential, but they do not know how to approach to the correct person to get a good job opportunity.

Here I have suggested some points, which you can keep in mind while search and apply for any job. So prepare yourself and start to find a job. All the best! 



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