How to Prepare for an Interview

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How to Prepare for an Interview


This article contains the information of how to crack interview.

Interview Preparation

Interview plays an important role for getting hired by a recruiter.

Interview is a one step closer to enter in the company as a employee.

So a candidate has to take interview very serious and follow some tips for preparation of interview.

Many rounds taken before interview as different companies conduct different rounds according to which they judge candidates. Various things are considered in an interview.

Interview consists of different kinds of questions like there are technical round, business round, human resource round in which they judge candidate technical knowledge, soft skills, sense of humour etc.

Technical Knowledge is important in an industry to work in corporate culture and must implement theory knowledge practically into the organization which will add value to the comapany.

Along with technical knowledge soft skills is also very important as it shows how to treat with other people about behaviour and how you behave with your colleagues.

Interview questions

Tell me About YourSelf

First questions that arise in most of the interview question is that tell me about your self and that is the most important question as in this you tell about your prior experience, hobbies, achievements, learning from past experience etc from this answer many things recruiter comes to know about yourself.

In this question not everything to tell but to tell things which is important and which can relate to your profile and company for which you are giving interview.

This first question can make your interview or can break your interview as it can give a kick start in your interview if your answer is able to impress recruiter.

The points which you mentioned in your answer must be valid and for that you must a have reason behind mentioning it in front of recruiter.

Do not expand your answer much, complete your answer in short time as long answer sometime irritate recruiters so you might disclose something in flow of answering which you should not say in front of them.

Why should we hire you?

Next question may be comes why should we hire you.

This answer you can relate to your past experience if you have done something earlier similar to that profile or the same profile and explain your responsibilities which you had done and this can be a plus point from other competitor candidates.

Next question can come like where do you see yourself in next 5 or 10 years.

Then you must answer this while keeping in mind your goal, your dream and your future perspective in professional life which may influence the recruiter and seems that you will add value in the organization.

There are  many people who comes from small cities to live their dream and with no prior experience and for them it is difficult to crack interview and enter into corporate world and working in top multi national companies.

so for that they really need to do hard work and prepare themselves for the interview and other rounds.

Personality development

Personality development plays an important role in an interview a person with a prior experience knows how to move, how to sit, dress etc but a fresher person or no prior experience person finds its new thing so they first need to develop their personality of how to behave in front of recruiter and brush up on technical knowledge.

Various jobs vacancies are available in like jobs in delhijobs in bangalore and these are the big cities with great exposures, great learning and much more challenges and opportunities.

With good personality your confidence will boost up, you are able to interact with other with full energetic way and confidence .

Therefore, while going for an interview you must be relax, calm, do homework like knowledge about the company, its profiles and various other things about the industry.

Take proper sleep one night before an interview so that you feel relaxed and energetic and courageous for an interview, do not get nervous as it can make play a part of disturbing element in an interview.

if you get nervous just for an interview then recruiter will think how you gonna handle the work pressure or will handle situation working in an organization.

so at last, just think positive and be calm and courageous enough to handle any situations.



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