How do you find Word & Characters Count on pages?

With the use of HTML Basics you can easily implement this free word count tool at your project.

JavaScript Code:

function showcount(value)
   str = value.replace(/(^\s*)|(\s*$)/gi, "");
   str = str.replace(/[ ]{2,}/gi, " ");
   str = str.replace(/\n /, "\n");
   str = str.split(' ').length;
   if (value.length == 0) str = 0;
   // Your Count of Words is now In Variable str
   char_count = value.length;
   // Your Count of Character is now In Variable char_count
   // For Any Query Feel Free to ask in comment section below. 

What is the ideal keyword density: 0.7%, 7%, or 77%? Or is it some other number for word count or a character count ?"

A lot of people think there's some one recipe and you can just follow that like baking cookies. And if you follow it to the letter, you'll rank number one. And that's just not the way it works.

So if you think that you can just say, I'm going to have 14.5% keyword density, or 7%,or 77%, and that will mean I'll rank number one, that's really not the case. That's not the way that search engine rankings work. So the way that modern search engines, or at least Google, are built is that the first time you mention a word-- hey, that's pretty interesting.

It's about that word. The next time you mention that word, it's still about that word. And once you start to mention it a whole lot, it really doesn't help that much more. There's diminishing returns. It's just an incremental benefit, but it's really not that large. And then what you'll find is if you continue to repeat stuff over and over again, then you're in danger of getting into keyword stuffing, or gibberish and those kinds of things.

So the first one or two times you mention a word, then that might help with your ranking, absolutely. But just because you can say it’s even or eight times, that doesn't mean that it will necessarily help your rankings. So the way to think about it is this.

Think about the keywords that you'd like to have in your copy. Make sure your copy's long enough so that you can work those keywords in to your copy in a natural way and not an artificial way. And my recommendation is to either read it aloud, or read it to someone else, or have someone else read it, and sort of say, do you spot anything that's artificial, or stilted, or it doesn't quite read right?

And if you can read through the copy and have it read naturally where a person isn't going to be annoyed by it, then you're doing relatively well. But if you're like one of these guys where all you're doing is-- I know you're interested in red widgets because red widgets are one of the best things in the world to have.

And if you're an expert on red widgets, then you'll know that the best source of red widgets is blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Then that's really going too far. And you can really kind of tell whenever you land on a page if you're an experienced SEO, if someone's just like trying to get the same phrase on the page as many times as possible, because it just looks fake.

And that's the sort of area in that niche where we try to say, rather than helping, let's make that hurt a little bit. So I would love it if people could stop obsessing about keyword density. It's going to vary. It's going to vary by area. It's going to vary based on what other sites are ranking it.

There's not a hard and fast rule. And anybody who tells you that there is a hard and fast rule, you might be careful, because they might be selling you keyword density software or something along those lines. So I hope that helps.

Maybe we can dispel that misconception and people realize not to worry that much about it. Just make sure you have the words that you want to have on the page. Make sure that they read naturally. And you should be in pretty good shape.

Here are 5 tricks that help to reduce my word count when writing.

1) Eliminate redundant wording.

Once you’re on a roll, it could be easy for extra words to sneak into your writing. Sometimes another word in the sentence already says the same thing. Other times the structure of the sentence already implies the redundant word; this is especially true when writing in the present tense. So, “Currently we live downtown.” becomes “We live downtown.” “Absolutely necessary” becomes “Necessary”. “Every single one of them” becomes “Each of them”. And “Period of time” becomes “Period.”

2) Remove prepositions.

Especially of. We love to make things sound smarter by including too many prepositions. cutback the unnecessary ones. “The location of the business is next to the street with a lot of traffic” becomes “The business is next to the busy street”. “The shirt of the boy was worn with pride” becomes the boy proudly wore his shirt.” “A number of oranges” becomes “Several oranges”. “He handed the cheque to me” becomes “He handed me the cheque”.

3) Replace phrases with single words

Sometimes what we think we need several words for can actually be described in a single word. So, “find out” becomes “discover”, “come up with” becomes “provide”, “put up with” becomes “endure”, and“ look in on” becomes “visit”.

4) Switch passive voice for active voice.

I see the use of passive voice so frequently, especially in academia. It’s a copout and discourages the writer from taking responsibility for what’s happening in the writing. It has its place occasionally, but most of the time, the active voice does just fine. “The research will be finalized and presented.” becomes“ I will finalize and present the research. “The apple was eaten by the girl.” becomes“ The girl ate the apple.” “Winter was hated by everyone known by me” become “Everyone I know hated winter.” “The lawn used to be mowed by my neighbour.” becomes“ My neighbour used to mow my lawn.”

5) Avoid using very or really.

We often use these words for emphasis, but sometimes single words exist that mean the same thing. For example, “very hungry” becomes“ famished”, “really tall” becomes “towering”, “very tired” becomes “exhausted”, and “really happy” becomes “elated”. Show no mercy when you use these tips to reduce your word account. Soon you’ll be writing text that’s faster and easier to read. What tricks do you use to reduce your word count?

How will The word calculator Tool Work

Word Count Tool  -  or a letter count is a web tool to examine Word count of text, Doc or Docx , txt files. Tool can assist you to examine range of words and character, Word Counter - character counter on-line.

Certainly, it’s not sensible to manually bear in mind each word in an exceedingly prolonged file. fortuitously, - 100% Free SEO Tools computer program improvement tools provides the phrase bank Checker device, utterly loose to use, that quickly tells you the complete phrases in an exceedingly move into addition to the person count range. merely paste the text or add the record and hit input, allow the device do all of the work!

In regard to computing machine content or weblog articles, you wish to recognise that there is also no wizard wide selection or quota that will increase your changes of rating at the front page of Google obtain results. there's a typical misunderstanding that helpful articles ought to be a minimum of phrases, however this is often certainly not the case.

In truth, shorter is also additional valuable. it's able to be a project to compose a humourous line of matter content that follows the character restriction on Twitter, but that’s what makes each tweet bigger valuable. with regards to net content material, one have to be compelled to in no means take five hundred phrases to say what is also same in a pair of hundred phrases.

Probably the foremost helpful styles of SEO instrumentation is also the word counter tool. this will assist you verify the total range of terms and character sorts you have got found in an exceedingly content material while not prying the difficulty of reckoning them one at a time. inside a snap simply, you'll instantly perceive what number words is there in an exceedingly sentence, paragraph or article.

Just like extra SEO tools, this one will be terribly straightforward to use. It will be used by each beginners and advanced users while not help from anyone. just in case you're still uninformed on however best to use this, then all you wish to accomplish is to duplicate your content within the box. After that, click enter. it will mechanically count the number of words and heroes in it.

Learning the Tool higher

Aside from deciding the number of words and characters, this tool additionally permits you to understand the whole amount of sentencesletter count distinctive phrases and paragraphs during this article. Therefore, it offers you a lot of details compared to an easy Microsoft Term will.

This SEO tool works with any fashionable net browsers, like for instance Google Chrome, application program, Mozilla Firefox, campaign and opera. Therefore, no matter style of browser you're using, it very is secured that tool can work.

This is usually used not simply for online page, except for blogs additionally, books, essays, Twitter posts, Magazines, Facebook posts, newspapers, novels and far a lot of.


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