What is a web Framework ? | About Laravel Framework | MVC Framework

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What is a web Framework ? | About Laravel Framework | MVC Framework


In this article you will able to find what is a web framework, what framework can do, what is Laravel Framework.

What is a framework and What a framework can do

What is a framework

The framework forces you to work in a standard way in that way you will also learn the standard procedure of creating some software or website or anything you are going to design and your application will be more standardized.

A web framework very defined by other people's so the arrangement in which software provides greater functionality that can be extended by additional user written code.

The functions defined in a framework is reusable this means if you want to use a same functionality in multiple places inside your project you can use that you don't have to create that function because framework has done lots of work for you

for example a use of eloquent models, eloquent provide you some functions which you can use anywhere you want in your project in that case you don't have to write that functionality to get data from the database and whenever you want to get data you just call that function you don't write anything from scratch.

What a framework can do

frameworks simplify the process of creating web applications.

how it's simplified

Suppose you are building a website from scratch

so what you have to do you literally have to create a empty directory  and then index.html file or if you are using PHP then index.php file

then you start from scratch and every time you do this for a new project is the same process you will have to repeat the same process each and every time you start a new project

but framework do all these things for you.

You just have to start from your logic from your point. you don't have to start from scratch so it simplified the process of creating web app

because it simplified the things you can now focus on big picture of your project and all these things save times and we know that time is money so if you save your time you save your money and obviously you will make money  

so use any kind of framework because it just gives you a quick start.

Laravel Framework

Laravel Framework is a set of PHP files that facilitates working with PHP.


It abstracts complex functionality by providing easy to implement functions and methods that do the work for you.

it provides MVC implementation which separates code logics from HTML

it was built using best practices recommended by most experienced developers with security in mind.

Laravel is a very stable framework that can keep the web application that is built into the top of it very responsive.


To demonstrate this, Let's pretend that we have a user who types out a URL or a website name that runs Laravel Framework on the top of a PHP server.

First: the request goes from the user's computer to Laravel which takes care of routing, finding the appropriate files and do the processing. then Laravel sends back the processed data to the client's web browser. you can see clearly that Laravel intercepts any incoming request and process it. this gives Laravel the upper hand over running PHP scripts on the same server. also, Laravel doesn't give access to its components, which is a security measure to prevent hacking the website by injecting code remotely.

Now we know that Laravel is an intermediate system which intercepts requests and process them. Which also manages any files requests and bring them to the user upon requests.

Laravel stands in the front, so it honours any requests and apply any security rules before the user gets back the response. and finally, Laravel routes any HTTP requests and brings back responses upon routing, applying security rules, and finally processing the requests.


In this artcle you will find some important benefits of using a laravel framework while developing any of your web project, and a better understanding on why to use a framework.

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