Differentiate - Data Analyst Data Engineer & Data Scientist

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Differentiate - Data Analyst Data Engineer & Data Scientist


you will find difference among several roles & responsibility related data what skills required & how to become a data scientist data engineer & data analyst.

Differentiate - Data Analyst Data Engineer & Data Scientist

Data Analyst v/s Data Engineer v/s Data Scientists

Today's world runs completely on Data. So, There are several roles related data and most people get confused and have several misconception about them.

Data Analyst

The work of Data Analyst is to collect all the numeric and other kind of data and translate in the language (English) which everyone can understand easily. A data analyst is the one whose main aim is to collect the data and use it to help companies in making better business decisions.

Although the responsibility include as data analyst are data collection correlation analyses and reporting.


Roadmap to Become Data Analyst

  • Earn bachelor degree in (CS/IT)
  • Statistics
  • Technical Skills
  • Data Handling, Data Cleaning & Modelling
  • Business and Reporting Skills

Skills Required

  • Google Analytics
  • Programming Knowledge
  • Scripting and Statistical Skills
  • Data Warehouse
  • Reporting and Data Visualization
  • SQL/Database knowledge
  • Spread-Sheet Knowledge

Role and responsibilities

  • Statistical Analyses & Data Interpretation
  • Reporting and Data Visualization
  • Data Acquisition &Maintenance
  • Data Cleaning
  • Pattern Identification and Analysis

Data Engineer

The Data Engineer is the one who develops, constructs tests and maintain the complete architecture of the large-scale processing system and prepared data for analytical or operational users. The work of Data Engineer includes “data piping” to put all the information together from different sources.

And, then the Data Engineer Integrated consolidated for the clean and structure it for more analytic. And it can be different or we can say varies from organization or companies to companies.

Roadmap to Become Data Engineer

  • Creating and Handling API’s
  • In-depth ML Algorithms
  • Data Pipeline
  • Performance Optimization

Skills Required

  • Data Warehousing ETL
  • Advanced Programming knowledge
  • In-depth SQL/Database Knowledge
  • Data Architecture
  • Machine Learning Concept Knowledge

Role and responsibilities

  • Develop, Tests and Maintain Architectures
  • Deploy ML and Statistical Methods
  • Predictive/prescriptive Modelling
  • Find Hidden Patterns
  • Develop Data-Set Processes


Data Scientist

Data Scientists are the professional one who deals with an enormous  mass of structured/unstructured data and use their skills in math, statistics programming and machine learning etc… Data Scientist and Data Engineer has almost the same role but when it comes to business decision making, data scientists has upper-hand in this.

Roadmap to Become Data Scientists

  • Advanced Statistical Analyses
  • Predictive Algorithm
  • Data Driven Problem Solving
  • Develops Operational Models
  • Data Conditioning

Skills Required

  • Machine Learning and Deep Learning principles
  • In-depth Programming Knowledge (Python/R)
  • Data Mining Activities
  • Statistical and Analytical skills

Role and responsibilities

  • Develops Operational Models
  • Data Mining
  • In-Depth Machine Learning
  • Data Enhancement
  • Strategic Planning and Data Analytics
  • Data Integration
  • Performance Tracking


In this article you will get all your query results include roles and responsibility, roadmap & skills required for a data analyst data scientist & a data engineer.

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