Tips for Smooth Household Move with Kids and Pets

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Tips for Smooth Household Move with Kids and Pets


Moving with kids is not easy and can ruin your plan if your kids and pets aren’t ready to relocate. This can be distressing for both kids and pets.

Relocation is a tough task and we all are well aware of this fact. But this event becomes tougher when you have kids and pets with you.

Moving with kids is not easy and can ruin your plan if your kids and pets aren’t ready to relocate. This can be distressing for both kids and pets. It’s important to make them ready for the move. With a few simple tips and planning ahead you can make the move smooth process for both your kids and pets.

A step-by-step guide to moving with kids and pets

Relocation is not only tough but a life-changing event. And this process can be distressing for your children and kids so here is the step-by-step guide to make the process easier and smoother for them. Just follow the moving tips we have shared here.

Before the Move

Tell your kids about the move

Inform your kids about the move as soon as possible. Do not wait for the last minute to tell your kids you all are relocating, as this will make the process even distressful for them. Let your kids know when and why you are moving.

Tell them the advantages of relocating. Discuss where you all are heading to. Show the pictures and if possible take your children to the place where you will be moved in a few days.

Involve your kids in the planning

When discussing about the move and decorating the new house involve your kids as well. Let them decide the color of their new room’s wall. Ask them if there’s something that they need. These things will keep your children excited for the move. The fear of leaving their friends, school and familiar places behind will turn into the excitement of moving to a new place, finding new friends, etc.

Take your pets for short drives

If you want to take your pet along with you then make sure your pet is ready for the long distance move. If not then take him on short trips for a few days before the moving day to get them used to it. Spend more time with them

If you are taking your pet from flight then make sure to read the pet policies of your airlines because many airlines do not allow pets.

Take the pet to vet

You should take your pet to a vet for checkups at least one month before the move. Ask the vet if your dog needs any anxiety medications.

Moving Day

No matter how much you plan and prepare for the move, moving day stress can be overwhelming. Children and pets are hypersensitive to stress hence, you need some tips to keep the moving day stress-free for everyone. For toddlers you must arrange a babysitter or you can also ask help from any of your relatives. You can also arrange fun activities for them outside the house so that they will not disturb the movers and packers Delhi to Gurgaon.

You can also hire a sitter for your dog or can leave them at a pet daycare for a few hours. Pets are hypersensitive to movers in the house and people move in and out of the house all day. You can also arrange a special room or place for them where you can keep them with their toys, food, and water so that they can relax and avoid getting in the way of the movers.

After the Move

Unpack your kids’ favorite things including toys and clothes and try to set up their room as soon as possible. Make their bed ready so that they can take sleep well. Also, keep their food ready. If you cannot then have some snacks and ready-to-eat foods. Do not forget to spend time with your kids, even if you are busy in unpacking you must ignore your kids. If your family has some routines like watching films on Friday night or going for a dinner then keep sticking to the ritual even when you are on the process of settling into a new home. Go on a walk to neighborhood and explore the place to know where everything is.

Just like your kids, routines are important to pets also. Do not make any changes on their meal time and also keep their food dishes near the same places as it was in the old house. Keep close eyes on your pets ensure they are not trying to run back to your old house. Update your dog’s collar tag with new address and your contact number.

You know that you can hire professional packers and movers Delhi to Pune to relocate your house, but there are plenty of things that you are responsible for, amongst which one is taking care of your kids and pets. So, plan your move with pets and kids with these tips and enjoy safe and smooth relocation. 



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