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How Networking Gets Results | Build Connection | Human Chain


In this article, I have tried to explain “How Networking gets Result?” or “How people influence your life journey personally and professionally?”

To start with, I would like to put light on the benefits of Networking: -

Although, your success starts with you but grows exponentially to higher level as you start building network. To be precise, you can’t succeed on a grand scale without network.

Personal benefits of Networking: -

  1. Helps you to become acquainted with people of varying background, they may be used when you are in need.
  2. Provide valuable information and resources.
  3. Enhance your social relationship by connecting from a person to another, thus creating a chain.

Professional benefits of Networking:-

  1. Generates new clients and leads.
  2. Abet in solving problems.
  3. Increase employment opportunities.
  4. Helps in finding the right persons to fill critical positions.

Human Chain

In this part of the article, we will discuss the action plan to build and sustain network.

I have divided this action plan in 4 separates, but related, categories:

  1. Attitude and Action:
  • Project winning attitude- If you’re positive and enthusiastic, people will spend time with you on the other hand, if you’re gloomy and negative, people will avoid you.
  • Participate actively in groups and organization- Always show up for meeting and demonstrate that you spend time and make efforts to contribute to the group.
  • Serve others- Serving others is crucial to building and benefitting from your network.
  1. Referrals:
  • If you refer someone, make sure that the person mentions your name as the source of the referral.
  • Be selective. Don’t refer every other person you meet.
  1. Communication:
  • Call people for whom you care from time to time.
  • Treat every person as important- not just ones who are “influential”.
  • Be willing to help people beyond your comfort zone.
  1. Follow-up:
  • Send a prompt note after meeting someone for the first time.
  • Sending congratulatory cards and letters.


Implement the above strategies to work serve and improve your network. And you will truly have an army of troops working to help you succeed!



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