SEO Techniques For Beginners | What to use & What to avoid.

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SEO Techniques For Beginners | What to use & What to avoid.


a beginner tips for use & avoid in seo technique title & meta description https encryption mobile-friendly website keyword stuffing buying links & social media followers.

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3 Tips about Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

How to use search engine optimization techniques to increase website visibility?

1) The first tips is about the title and meta description especially for the homepage

When users are searching in Google the first result we always see  is the blue title and black description Do you check your title and meta description  is display well and show the right info to the users? Many homepages in fact just leave it as default and not optimized.

Remember the result of Google is the first impression to your users No idea how to write Just copy and change a bit from your competitors.

Focus the words in the beginning and use tools to preview the result when you are editing Most of the users just glance through the words  and scroll to check the other result.

Besides include the primary keyword in the title and meta description to tell who you are or what you are doing

2) The second tips is the HTTPS or the lock you always see in the browser

The truth is HTTPS  already a part of Google ranking factor since 2014 If you are using a Chrome browser it will display the “Not Secure” if the website is not HTTPS if the website is not HTTPS While you still can browse the website  as normal this label reduces the user confident about your website For all the eCommerce websites it’s a MUST to have an HTTPS encryption.

Try asking yourself Do you dare to buy something when the website showing “Not Secure”? The good news is most of the web hosting provider already provided HTTTS for free Or you might not aware how to forcefully redirect to HTTPS version of your website Sometimes you might still see “Not Secure” despite already have HTTPS because the page is  facing the “Mixed Content” issues.

3) The third tips is the mobile-friendly website

On 2015 Google announced the huge ranking algorithm called the Mobilegeddon In short Google gives more priority for mobile websites  compared to the traditional desktop version This is because smartphone users are more than desktop users and still growing.

Check the data about the devices to your website  using Google Analytics or the pre-build data from your CMS Furthermore remember to check the errors and issues appear at the Google Search Console the Mobile Usability section Focus to check and improve the user interface and user experience  of the mobile version of your website. Make the necessary adjustment and enhancement especially about the loading speed  as Google just announced the Core Web Vitals ranking update. How to improve your search engine optimization?

5 Bad SEO Techniques to Avoid

Imagine you have this great website that you're finally proud of and you're building your presence online and then BAM you drop in the search results or worse yet you get D indexed from the search engines altogether

Avoid black hat and unethical tactics and make sure your marketing team only uses acceptable practices so you don't get in trouble with the search engines

Use this list as a guide to stay away from the danger zone

1) The quick and dirty

The quick and dirty Don't fall prey to short-term gains if you get hit with a penalty the amount of time you spend climbing back will offset any gains. private blog networks are an excellent example of something you need to stay away from.

2) Never ever just go buy links

Never ever just go buy links now we're not talking about ads or sponsored content here but by mass links to your website just for the sake of backlinks that's where penalties happen.

3) Don't stuff your keywords

Don't stuff your keywords writing content for the search engines and this day and age means writing content for human beings that they actually want to read don't just add keywords into your content that you want to rank for and call it good write great content and call it great.

4) No mass automated submissions

No mass automated submissions you should only create content that your customers want to read and then go publish that content on reputable websites no mass article marketing no mass blog and forum comments and no mass directory submissions.

5) Fake social media shares and followers

Fake social media shares and followers think of it like this if you go buy a bunch of followers now I'm not talking about running a like ad in facebook, but let's say you go buy a bunch of followers from one of those sites that offers a thousand followers or 10,000 followers for a little bit of money, you know what I'm talking about here's what's gonna happen you're talking to the wrong people they're not listening they're not helping you they're not going to get engaged with you.

but what's worse if you ever want to run what's called a look-alike audience to the people that actually did like you then you're gonna get all these awkward people that probably aren't even real people that are gonna skew your data. so just don't do it don't buy followers build your network properly so you're speaking to the right audience.

Take the right steps to get the best from your online marketing efforts and don't take shortcuts.


You can find a beginner tips for use & avoid in your seo technique


optimize there on page seo using meta tags & title tags in your seo technique, provide a security to user, using ssl in your seo technique provide a responsive layout for mobile users in your seo technique


keyword stuffing in content, Buying links & social media followers in order to get more traffic cause a short term gain & after that cause a great damage to your site with a high penalty to be paid or taking risk of black list your site by google.



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