July 5th 2020 Penumbral Lunar Eclipse - Things you need to know

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July 5th 2020 Penumbral Lunar Eclipse - Things you need to know


Penumbral Lunar Eclipse July 2020, things you need to know about the full moon lunar eclipse.

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse July 2020

Lunar eclipse is happening again on July 5. This is the second lunar eclipse in a month. Lunar eclipse also occurred on June 5, 30 days ago. This eclipse is a madhya eclipse, it has a dust-like layer in front of the moon. It is not visible. Therefore, it also has no religious significance.

It is also known as the penumbral and penumbral eclipse. On this day, the full moon of Ashadh month i.e. Guru Purnima will be there. The eclipse will not be seen in India and it will not have religious significance either, due to this, all the worship deeds related to the full moon will be done.

There are 3 types of lunar eclipses

According to Pt. Manish Sharma, astrologer of Ujjain, there are three types of lunar eclipses. Full lunar eclipse, partial and subsection. On the full moon date, when the moon is completely covered by the Earth's shadow, a full lunar eclipse occurs. Earth's shadow falls on some part of the moon and if some part is visible then a partial lunar eclipse occurs. Both these eclipses have religious significance, their thread also remains.

In the penumbral lunar eclipse, the subplot, the earth shadow does not completely fall on the moon. A dusty shadow appears just ahead of the moon. This kind of lunar eclipse does not have any significance due to its religious impact. This is just an astronomical event.

Where will this lunar eclipse be seen

According to Indian time, this lunar eclipse will start from 8.37 am on July 5 and its salvation will be at 11.22 am. This eclipse will be visible in the rest of the world except Australia, Iran, Iraq, Russia, China, Mongolia and all the neighboring countries of India. After this, there will be such a madya lunar eclipse on 30 November.

Why is there a lunar eclipse?

There are religious and scientific beliefs in this regard. According to religion, eclipses occur when Rahu graces the Moon and the Sun. Science says that when the Sun, Earth and the Moon fall in a straight line and the shadow of the Earth starts falling on the Moon, a lunar eclipse occurs. Similarly, when the sun, moon and earth come on a straight line, the shadow of the moon falls on the earth. This condition is called solar eclipse.

3 eclipses in 30 days

Maandya lunar eclipse on 5 June, solar eclipse on 21 June and then Maandya lunar eclipse on 5 July. In this way, 30 days are the sum of three eclipses. After this, there will be a lunar eclipse on November 30, it will be seen in Asia, America and Australia. There will be a solar eclipse on December 14 at the end of the year. This solar eclipse will not be seen in India.

Mandya lunar eclipse to occur in 2023 after 2020

According to NASA's eclipse website, such lunar eclipses have occurred 6 times in the 10 years before 2020. While 2 such madhya lunar eclipses have taken place in 2020, the third will be on July 5 and the fourth eclipse on November 30. In the last 10 years before 2020, such lunar eclipses have occurred on 28 November 2012, 25 March 2013, 18 October 2013, 23 March 2016, 16 September 2016 and 11 February 2017. A similar lunar eclipse will occur again on 5 May 2023 after 2020.


Five key things you need to know about the full moon lunar eclipse happening on July 4th or fifth, depending on where in the world you are.

# Now, the first thing that you need to know about this energy is that this is a major point of culmination, a combination that really. Signifies the end of an era. And with this ending, a new beginning is able to, to emerge. So this is an important time to get clear, to pay attention, have awareness about what in your life has. Or is coming to a point of completion.

The world has changed and all of our lives with that. And there's no going back to the way things were. So there's power in accepting the way things are. But then harmonizing with the energy of the present in order to call forth bright blessings and positive energy into the future. With endings, there is a tendency for. Old stuff to come up for review.

So now we have an opportunity to face the patterns from the old era, from the old paradigm. And to get you're an honest about, is this really serving me? Is this. Costume I've been wearing something I want to carry forth into the new.

So this is about belief systems about emotional patterns, about letting go of toxic habits. And when you now give yourself permission to release the Oles, you can. Take that first step, even though you don't see the entire path, but begin laying framework and laying foundation for new paradigm habits, patterns, and actions that truly support you in moving into the future. So as shifts and disruptions, huh, and in the world or in your life. Stay present. Be willing to turn right shift, adapt, evolve, change, grow in order to learn the lesson in the present and empower the next level.

The next steps. The next era. To begin for you.

# The second key thing you need to know about this energy is that this is a profound time to realign with why you're really here realigned with your sole purpose, your life mission, your reason for being here as a divine. Spiritual being in carnatein physical form. You've likely then thinking about this recently, because it has been a theme of this year clubs cycle.

But now that we reached the culmination, there are some aha. Cause it's not that everything is clear. And in fact, everything may be very. Hazy, but there is a silver lining. There is a glimmer of hope up hole towards your stepping into more of your soul truth.

Zooming out one of the core spiritual purposes for incarnating now as a physical being is to attain a new level of. Spiritual self-awareness, reconnect with your divine, um, presence. And when you do this, you're able to receive direct divine intervention ration as to the actions you can take in the present moment to harmonize with your surroundings, draw light, bright blessings to you, you and truly aligned with the highest divine possibilities for your life.

So, this is also the hidden key to making the most of this time. It's returning to presence returning to a grounded centered and calm state where your mind is clear and your heart is open.

Your willingness, engaged, willingness to receive the inspiration of the divine and of your soul to receive inspiration for why you were really here as a spiritual soul being, and to. Act on these inspirations to show up and be of service in the world in a way you love and enjoy. And this draws bright blessings unto you.

So the opportunities here to let go from trying to manifest it. From the place of a lower ego mindand instead receive the highest divine inspiration that is true for you, for how you can come into your truth, be of service, accomplish your sole mission. And as a result, Vibrantly thrive injoy, in love and abundance in harmony in this new era, beginning for you, where you embody the codes of Christ consciousness available to you. Now, the codes of compassion of being of service of shining your light and truth.

Good questions to ask yourself, to reflect. Flecked on this change point is how do you want to show up in the world? How can you be of service toothers and how can you serve and support you in nurturing your own soul growth and transformation? Again, you may not know the bigger picture of your sole purpose. But when you get clear, centered, calm, relaxed, you're able to open to inspiration for astep you can take now, right? When you take that step, the next has a way of appearing.

# The third thing that you need to know about this powerful energy time is that Christ light. And so fear, divine, feminine codes are present and increasingly being activated.

In the earth in nature. And so it's immensely beneficial for you to cultivate this direct connection with nature and with the natural world in a lot of the transformation that's unfolded recently, we've seen how resilient nature is. There are literally Crystalynactivations, great crystals being activated within the earth, but also in all of nature, there is. Wisdom healing, harmonization lessons available for you to tap into.

So this is a good time to ask yourself, how can you better sync with the rhythm of nature, which has so much wisdom for how you can thrive in your life, aligned with your soul purpose and progress on your path of awakening. As a spiritual being a stone I've been working with recently is. Tree. I get, that's very powerful for sinking with these cycles and rhythms of nature, but also there is no substitute for simply getting outside, putting your feet on the earth, soaking up the rays of the sun and establishing that electromagnetic link between the sun and the earth with you in the middle circulating the divine light codes of light and life.

Through your etheric energy through your mind, body and spirit, and coming into harmony with the truth of you blessings in nature. One thing I want to point out is that there is a sort of a threshold, a gate the way when it comes to connecting with mother earth and with the natural world, sometimes it just takes time sitting, being.

Tuning in with reverence and awe and noticing the beauty around before the Gates of nature open to allow the blessings codes and transmissions of recharging, life force, energy, and vitality to flow through for you. So be willing to do, take some time to adopt the pace of nature, which is patients. And remember that reverence gratitude, right? All for the natural world around you will really help you to sink also a good time to ask how can you become, I'm a better steward for nature this year. Be something as simple as composting at home to start improving the soil. Or there may be much, much more that you you're inspired to do when you're present. When you're centered, when you're allowing the wisdom of the divine of the earth of nature to flow through you.

# Number four. Timelines are shifting, have been shifting and will continue to shift what this means is that the future trajectory for humanity is not entirely predetermined and the choices and energies we resonate in the present moment. Play a role. In the possibility in the timeline that manifests for all, this is a reminder to stay present, to stay centered, to keep returning, to love, to allow the divine forces of love, light, and life to circulate through you and Tiffany. Feel in to the highest divine timeline for your life and for humanity to remember that it's a natural human tendency to want to focus on all that we see that is wrong.

When you notice something wrong in the world. Take a moment to tune in to how that could be harmoniously resolved, tune in to the antidote, to that, to the highest divine timeline for that event challenge situation to unfold. Because when you tune in to the higher reality, you allow light to flow through. This isn't about avoiding challenges in the world, but it is about maintaining that thread and holding that link, holding the fields of love. Right. For the new earth energies for the new paradigm for joy, love, abundance, freedom, light life, and love to anchor through you for humanity and for all the fifth key thing. And then we're going to draw it quick card is that this is a powerful time for soul.

# Development remember that one of the core purposes for human beings as a whole, at this time is to develop the, I am presence and spiritual self-awareness to embody Christ consciousness codes. Through you and so reflect on what is required for your continued soul growth and spiritual development. Have you been feeling like you're making good progress on your development path or are you experiencing struggles? The nation, that stagnation is something you can let fall away. You can let release and leave in that old era. Committing now in the new, in the present moment to the practices, to meditation, to time in nature, to mindfulness, to what it is that you need to support your soul growth to staying centered, opened inspiration, taking action in alignment with divine love to create your high vibrational life to let greater divine wisdom and awareness. Embody an anchor through you. It's also a good time to remember that self-love and self-care go along with, go hand in hand with soul development. So this growth and development could even just take the form of committing to living a healthy lifestyle.

Taking care of yourself, exercising, cleaning up your diet, letting go of those old addictions and patterns so that you can more vibrantly thrive. As we step in to this new era, this new phase of living in alignment with your soul truth, shining your soul brilliance, being of service in the world in a way that you love and enjoy and being a part of calling forth the highest divine timeline for humanity.

Let's draw a card. What else we need to know about this full moon lunar eclipse and the card is be authentic. Be you that's really what this new era and new paradigm is about. It's about taking off the masks. It's about peeling back the layers of illusion to reveal. The core soul truth of you to reveal that divine, I am presence that inner core of love and peace and bliss and truth, and letting your light rise to the surface. There is a cultivation process, a need to develop your subtle sense, organs and centers of. Perception in the higher realms, but this too is supported. And when you go within, when you do the meditations, when you cultivate your inner lights, a beautiful new connection with spirit connection, with peace, the blossoming of your crown chakra is able to unfold for you.

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