How to design a logo for my business?

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How to design a logo for my business?


logo is the most essential part of a business and therefore one must need to know it properly. Here you will learn how to design a logo for my business?

A logo is the representative of a business and it holds the identity of a business. Therefore, we see all the people who have their businesses have their own identity. It actually helps to make someone understand your company’s goals and purposes which is most important for your company’s business marketing.

To learn the core importance of a logo one must need to learn about the logo and its creation process so that he can easily assume the knowledge to distinguish a bad or good logo.

Logo design has come from the section of graphic design which is the prime factor to know about. Here we will help you to grab all the core ideas so that at the end of this article you can be able to design a basic type of logo along with findings if your logo is good or bad.

Before going to know about how to design a logo for your business you need to know about the types of logo design so that you can have all the vivid knowledge about the logo and its creating processes.

What are the types of logo?

A company must need to hold a logo to show its brand identity therefore you also need to design your business logo if you have a business or want to establish a business. By the way, to make the decision of taking the best logo design for your business or company you need to learn about the types of the logo so that you can grab the best idea for your designing logo.

There are basic 9 types of logos we find to use for various purposes. We are going to list them down so that you can have some ideas about them.

  • Abstract Logo
  • Logotype or Wordmark Logo
  • Photography Logo
  • Letter marks Or Monogram Logo
  • Mascot Logo
  • Combination Marks Logo
  • Symbol Logo
  • Emblem Logo
  • Letter Forms Logo

The above types of logos are used for various types of purposes of an institution or any personal or business purposes.

What are the types of business logo?

As you are interested to learn about the logos for your business, therefore, we have thought to give you more selective ideas for the business logo so that you can become clearer about your logo design taking decisions. For making out logo about the business you can follow the below 4 types of business logo which will help you to get the perfect matching for your business or branding.

  • Wordmark logo
  • Brandmark logo
  • Letter type logo
  • Iconic logo

That four types of logos are largely used for any type of business industry. If you think that you want to grab the best type of logo for your business site you must take one of them out of those four types of logos. As almost all of the company or business logo lays in those four types of logo design you just need to take one of them for your business also.

Process of making logo design for your business

If you think that you will invest your time to learn about your business logo design then you must need to follow the below steps of making out perfect logo design for your business or brand.

First Step

You need to install Adobe illustrator in your computer first and then you need to check out its important tools which will help you to design out a beautiful and professional logo for your business. The more you will invest your time in learning the tools of that software the best will be able to learn about designing.

Second Step

In this step, you need to learn about those tools in the Adobe illustrator. No worry, you don’t need to learn a lot of tools which will take huge time. We are here to list out the most required tools which you must need to learn about.

  • Selection tool
  • Direct selection tool
  • Pen tool
  • Color selecting tool
  • Pathfinder tool
  • Polygonal tool
  • Shape builder tool
  • Color adjustment tool

To design a professional logo, you need to learn about those above tools carefully.

Third Step

Before going to design a logo, you need to plan for it and you need to imagine the shape in your mind first. Therefore, you can take the help of sketching so that it becomes easier for you to make out the perfect shape as you are thinking.

Fourth & final Step

This time you need to start your designing in the Adobe illustrator according to the sketching. After doing all the adjustments you need to go to the File menu to export your logo for the using purpose.

You can export your logo as in PNG or GPEG format so that you can easily make the use of your logo all-time.

Above are the steps of making out a perfect logo as you are looking for but you need to keep in mind that if you want to learn logo design perfectly you need to learn about those tools carefully. The more you will be able to use those tools the best your logo design will be.



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