Indian States with their capitals and Union Territories

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Indian States with their capitals and Union Territories


In this article you will find indian states and union territory along with there capital, area in sq km, populations & official language spoken.

In this article we will see indian states and union territory.

India is the biggest democracy country the constitution of india came into effect on 26 january 1950.

consequently states and union directories have been formed in different years. despite 22 languages used across the india, Hindi and English are used as official languages.

However, each state and union directories can specify their own official language.

The formed here capital official language and area of indian states and union territories is explained in this article.

firstly, let's begin with Indian states

Indian States: State in india and their capital

A state is a constituent division that has a separate government. The chief minister duly elected by the people administers the state.

States have their own elected government that are vested with the powers to frame the laws.

1. Andhra pradesh

Capital: Amaravati

Language: Telugu

Area: 160,205 km²

Population: 4.97 crores

2. Arunachal pradesh

Capital: Itanagar

Language: English

Area: 83,743 km²

Population: 12.6 lakhs

3. Assam

Capital: Dispur

Language: Assamese

Area: 78,438 km²

Population: 3.09 crores

4. Bihar

Capital: Patna

Language: Hindi

Area: 99,200 km²

Population: 9.9 crores

5. Chattisgarh

Capital: Raipur

Language: Hindi

Area: 135,192 km²

Population: 3.22 crores

6. Goa

Capital: Panaji 

Language: Konkani

Area: 3,702 km²

Population: 15.8 lakhs

7. Gujarat

Capital: Gandhinagar 

Language: Gujarati 

Area: 196,024 km²

Population: 6.4 crores

8. Haryana

Capital: Chandigarh

Language: Haryanvi

Area: 44,212 km²

Population: 2.89 crores

9. Himachal pradesh

Capital: Shimla

Language: Hindi

Area: 55,673 km²

Population: 75.03 lakhs

10. Jharkhand

Capital: Ranchi

Language: Hindi

Area: 79,714 km²

Population: 3.19 crores

11. Karnataka

Capital: Bengaluru

Language: Kannada

Area: 191,791 km²

Population: 6.7 crores

12. Kerala

Capital: Thiruvananthapuram

Language: Malayalam

Area: 38,863 km²

Population: 3.6 crores

13. Madhya pradesh

Capital: Bhopal

Language: Hindi

Area: 308,252 km²

Population: 8.5 crores

14. Maharashtra

Capital: Mumbai(summer) & Nagpur(winter)

Language: Marathi

Area: 307,713 km²

Population: 12.3 crores

15. Manipur

Capital: Imphal

Language: Manipuri

Area: 22,327 km²

Population: 30 lakhs

16. Meghalaya

Capital: Shillong

Language: English

Area: 22,720 km²

Population: 37.72 lakhs

17. Mizoram

Capital: Aizawl

Language: English Hindi and Mizzou

Area: 21,081 km²

Population: 12 lakhs

18. Nagaland

Capital: Kohima

Language: English and Nagamese

Area: 16,579 km²

Population: 22 lakhs

19. Odisha

Capital: Bhubaneshwar

Language: Odiya

Area: 155,707 km²

Population: 4.71 crores

20. Punjab

Capital: Chandigarh

Language: Punjabi

Area: 50,362 km²

Population: 3 crores

21. Rajasthan

Capital: Jaipur

Language: Hindi

Area: 342,239 km²

Population: 8.1 crores

22. Sikkim

Capital: Gangtok 

Language: English and Nepali

Area: 7,096 km²

Population: 6.58 lakhs

23. Tamilnadu

Capital: Chennai

Language: Tamil

Area: 130,058 km²

Population: 7.7 crores

24. Telangana

Capital: Hyderabad

Language: Telgu and Urdu

Area: 112,077 km²

Population: 3.9 crores

25. Tripura

Capital: Agartala 

Language: Hindi

Area: 10,492 km²

Population: 41 lakhs

26. Uttar Pradesh

Capital: Lucknow

Language: Hindi and Urdu

Area: 243,286 km²

Population: 23.15 crores

27. Uttarakhand

Capital: Gairsain(summer) & Dehradun(winter)

Language: Hindi and Urdu

Area: 53,483 km²

Population: 1.17 crores

28. West bengal

Capital: Kolkata

Language: Bengali and Nepali

Area: 88,752 km²

Population: 9.9 crores

now union territories of india

Indian Union Territories

The union territories are administered and controlled directly by the Central Government of India.

The president of India is the executive head of the union territory.

1. Andaman & Nicobar islands

Capital: Port Blair

Language: Hindi 

2. Chandigarh

Capital: Chandigarh 

Language: Hindi

3. Daman and Diu

Capital: Daman

Language: Hindi 

4. Dadar and Nagar Haveli

Capital: Silvassa

Language: Hindi, Gujarati

5. Delhi

Capital: Delhi

Language: Hindi and English

6. Jammu and Kashmir

Capital: Leh(summer) and Kargil(winter)

Language: Urdu

7. Ladakh

Capital: Leh(summer) and Kargil(winter)

Language: Bengali and Nepali

8. Lakshadweep

Capital: Kavaratti 

Language: Malayalam

9. Puducherry

Capital: Pondicherry

Language: Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu 

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