Manage a Bank Account in Sage Program

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Here you read how to Edit and Delete a bank account in Sage 50 Accounting Software.

After adding of a bank account in Sage application, if you want to add extra details regarding it, such as address, phone number or contact data etc. You may likewise need to audit compromise subtleties or erase an incorrect record.

Here you read Additionally, how to erase a bank account after you have utilized it to deal with exchanges. To evade disarray, we prescribe changing the record name to "Don't utilize."

Steps to Edit a Bank account in Sage:

Edit a Bank Account:

  • First, Open Sage program
  • Goto Banking section
  • Click on Delete bank account
  • Click on OK to confirm the deletion. (If you cannot delete bank accounts)
  • Need to Edit an account
  • Select Open the Bank Accounts page
  • Edit the bank account details as you needed
  • Enter details Address & Contacts tab
  • Click on Save

Steps to Delete a Bank Account:

  • First, Open Sage program
  • Go to Banking
  • Select the bank account those you want to delete
  • Click on Delete



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