Is there an Increase in Demand for IT Support Services?

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Is there an Increase in Demand for IT Support Services?


The service providers offer tailormade customised packages to individual enterprises. This allows the enterprises to choose only those services they require and pay for them.

We are in the second half of 2020, and things have been quite different compared to the previous years. Despite the not-so favourable conditions, enterprises and multinational organizations have been getting the work done. Remote access and work from home are two terms we’ve heard the most this year. 

As employees and enterprises are trying to find a balance, cyber threats have surged by more than 20%. Data security, network security, and system security have become priorities even for those enterprises that were not too concerned a while ago. Breakdowns and crashes have led to serious downtime losses. Some employees are facing difficulty in identifying and troubleshooting errors. 

In short, everything seems to be a tangle of a mess that needs to be sorted out by the experts. But where are these experts? Every enterprise doesn’t have them. Even if they do, there is no guarantee that the in-house talent is able to work things out. What should enterprises do in such conditions? Can they afford to lose their investment and business built over the years? 
Remote/ third-party IT support is saving the day. Enterprises that have to date relied on in-house expertise are also looking at third-party providers to ensure that their IT system is running round the clock and is secure from cyber-attacks. The demand for IT Support in Dublin has increased and is set to increase for a considerable time. 

In this blog, we’ll see the possible reasons and trends that are pushing more and more enterprises to opt for managed IT services rather than solely depend on the existing talent pool. 

Work From Home is Here to Stay 

Even though some employees seem to hate WFH, we cannot deny that many others prefer to work from home. Enterprises are also noticing the advantages of allowing employees to work from remote locations. The cost of maintaining and running the office space has definitely gone down. 

In such instances, employees cannot rely on a colleague to help them with a technical glitch at all times. The in-house IT support team may or may not be online 24*7. But a third-party service provider offers round the clock technical support. They will be available either through the call or emails and respond as soon as possible.

Increasing Cyber Threats 

No amount of emphasis is going to be sufficient when it comes to dealing with phishing attacks and hackers. They are on a mission to mess with every enterprise and seem to be quite successful as well. 

From identifying the weak spots to adding multiple layers of security and constantly monitoring the system, third-party IT service providers take pains to keep the business safe from cyber-attacks. 

No Member of the Supply Chain is Safe 

It’s not just the employees who are at the risk of being targeted by hackers. Vendors, suppliers, customers, and each party that is in some way associated with the business are equally vulnerable. It takes just one weak link to topple and disrupt the entire supply chain.

The third-party services can be extended to cover and protect the network that connects the business and supply chain members. Even if one of them were to be attacked, the business can be protected by breaking the link or adding extra security. Employees can be protected by the third-party service provider as they are a part of the enterprise. 

Global Business Operations Need Additional Support 

Businesses these days scan over cities, states, countries, and continents. How can such a large volume of IT system be controlled by just in-house experts? As the business expands, the need for additional IT support also increases. This can be provided by third-party companies that are experienced in working from remote locations and managing complicated IT systems of various enterprises. 

Advantages of Consolidated Remote Support 

Isn’t it beneficial for enterprises when they can get all services from a single provider? Instead of using different providers for the network, data storage, cloud services, etc., availing all services from a reliable provider will help enterprises in having firm control over their resources and demanding the service providers for the best services. 

Consolidated IT Support in Dublin will also allow the service providers to have complete access to the system and network of the enterprise. Since they are the only ones who will be managing, maintaining, and upgrading the system, they know the entire layout and can identify and troubleshoot the errors in less time. 

The service providers offer tailormade customised packages to individual enterprises. This allows the enterprises to choose only those services they require and pay for them. Long term contracts are usually preferred as a cost-effective option. It’s time for enterprises to choose an IT support service provider and keep their business safe and running.  



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