Change Your Interior Look with These Paint Styles

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Change Your Interior Look with These Paint Styles


we highly recommend getting your supplies from Pottery Barn using a pottery barn coupon. This would get you the best quality at an affordable price.

Making your home look beautiful can take a lot of forms, depending on what you have in mind. A good looking home has one very important characteristic and that is freshness.

Keeping your home looking like it was just built can be done in so many ways. One thing that can have a huge impact on your house’s look is the paint job you have on it.

With quarantine putting so many people at home, it is worth thinking about getting a new paint job done, even if you do it yourself.

However, paint jobs are not like buying a piece of decoration and sticking it on a shelf. It is a huge and scary project and you need to plan for it properly. Not thinking things through can quickly end up leaving you in a mess, figuratively and literally as well!

However, with a bit of planning and understanding what the latest trends are, you can easily turn your home into something that belongs in a Pottery Barn catalog! Speaking of which, if you are planning to get a paint job done, the best place to look for paint options is Pottery Barn in our opinion.

With so many unique colors and the ability to match it with other products in their store, it can help spruce up the look a lot.

Additionally, by using a good pottery barn coupon, you can get all the things you need for an amazing price as well. Let us talk about the different paint styles that you can go for now that you know where to select the paint from.

Single Color

For people who do not want to go for a multitude of colors, the best option is to go for a single-color look. And no, we are not talking about the walls only because that would be too obvious.

We are talking about everything that comes attached to it as well. That means your windows and doors will also be the same color as the walls. One might think that it is something that only a minimalist would go for, but the truth is far from it.

A single-color background allows everything else in your room including your furniture to stand out beautifully.

Solid matte colors are a huge preference in this regard as they give maximum importance to your furniture and accessories. Pottery Barn has some amazing options in single colors that you can get for cheap using a pottery barn coupon.

Partial Painting

For some people, a single color is simply not the right option. They want to have the option of expanding their horizons but are just not sure.

There is one way that you can make good use of the situation and create dual shades. Half wall paints are a very trendy style right now and there are many ways that you can do it in.

Regardless of which style you choose, we highly recommend getting your supplies from Pottery Barn using a pottery barn coupon. This would get you the best quality at an affordable price. Here are the most popular styles when it comes to partial painting

Half wall: An easy way to go about partial painting is to simply divide the room into two parts, the top, and the bottom.

You can get the paint of your choice and have the bottom half painted while leaving the top either white or applying some sort of wallpaper on it.

Another alternative is to go inverse half wall and paint the top part instead and leave the bottom untouched. Both these styles can completely change the look of your room and give you room to decorate as well.

Curtain matching: This is one of the easiest ways to get your room looking great. Of the two portions of your wall, make one of them match with the color of the curtains you get for the room.

It is an easy and foolproof method that a lot of people have been using for a long time.

Furniture Height: Another way of giving the paint a clean finish is to paint it according to the height of the furniture in the room. depending on the furniture you have against the wall, you can decide the height of each wall individually. If done right this can look quite amazing.

Unique Walls

If you think that your room walls look boring, then one way of changing that is to go for a different color on one of the walls. This method is very commonly used, and you must choose a contrasting color.

Usually, the unique color is dark with the rest of the walls taking a light shade. Pottery Barn has some amazing color options for this setting, and you can get your hands on your favorite color for a reasonable price by using a pottery barn coupon.



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