Seoindicate - Free Google Onpage Seo Analyser Tool - SiteMap Analysis

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Seoindicate - Free Google Onpage Seo Analyser Tool - SiteMap Analysis


A free seoindicate - google website onpage seo analyser tool perform on your sitemaps url and results your individual url health status.

Seoindicate - Free Google Onpage Seo Analyser tool - SiteMap Anlaysis

Seoindicate - Free Google Onpage Seo Analyser Tool - SiteMap Analysis

# How to use Seoindicate?

Step 1: Click this link Seoindicate & you have a Site Audit Form as mention in below image. Enter your site url here & click Audit Now.


Step 2: It will results you all URL’s that are running on your give domain & provide this url’s individual onpage seo report.


Step 3: The result text contain red text shows need work on that factor & green text shows optimized content.


Using this you can improve the onpage seo of your site & which boost your site seo score in optimize content.

Important Factors that are shown in auditing

  1. Title tag optimization
  2. Meta Description optimization
  3. Url length optimization
  4. Content Volume (word count & character count)

How to do an SEO site audit.

So first off, go to Google and type in So mine would be

Once you hit search, what you'll see is a list on Google. You'll see zero results, which is not good either and if you have that, don't worry, we'll teach you how to fix this. Or ideally, the best example would be you're seeing 100s if not 1000s of results.

If your website is small and only have one or two pages, you'll see one or two, or zero results if Google hasn't indexed you at all.

I'll break down how to fix that as well. So once you know that you can be seen, you want to make sure there's only one version of your website.

If you're using an SSL certificate, that's very, very important because Google's mainly ranking sites that have SSL certificates, it's for security purposes, you should only see https version of your website. As for the www or the non-www version, your CMS, your content management system, should be able to fix that for you and throughout there you can pick which version of your site you want to appear.

Analyse your website to see what's wrong, what you need to fix and how you can get more traffic.

So use this tool inorder to site audit. This is a report that'll show you everything that's wrong with your website, or right. The green stuff is good, that's healthy, anything that is red in color is not good.

And you want to make sure all that stuff is fixed.

You have to fix your whole site. And on this report, Some things within the Seoindicate site audit report that you'll learn is your page title, are they too long? Are they duplicative? In other words, are they using the same title for many, many pages? Because that's bad, because it doesn't tell Google which one's unique. Which ones should I rank for different keywords? So you want to make sure your titles are all unique, and of course,

You merely have 100, 200 words, or your contact page, and that's okay.

Review those pages, make sure they have unique title tags and unique meta descriptions as well.

You also want to makes sure you're not missing any image alt tags on images. Image alt tags tell Google, "what this image is about."

Because when people search on Google for images, and the image search is very popular, especially niches like travel, if you don't have alt tags, it's harder for Google to decipher what that images is about.

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